Sunscreen wine barrels

Ever dreamed of wearing your favourite wine? These sunglasses were made from used wine barrels. The glasses were designed by Woodzee (who already did sunglasses from recycled skateboards as well) and are a fun and creative way to re-use these barrels.

Wine and cheeseburger

Rootstock cellars, experience in winemaking, has devised a bottle of wine affectionally known as ‘ cheeseburger red’. This wine is specifically designed with the patty in mind and is described as smooth and jammy, bursting with red fruitthat so perfectly compliment a slight char. This light, fruity wine has the ability to bring out the best components of the burger, its richness included, while not allowing the wine itself to become overpowered and forgotten.


Mercer’s wine ice cream

Mercer’s Dairy, located in Boonville, New York, has taken the idea of a dessert wine and brought to the next level by creating an wine dessert. They has mastered the art of blending luscious ice cream with superb wine to create an unprecedented incredibly elegant, adult dessert: true wine ice-cream. Mercer’s wine ice cream