Funghi chair

This chair grows funghi on it (!!!). Designer Eric Klarenbeek developed in collaboration with Wageningen University a Mycelium Chair. This chair was printed with living materials. We are impressed by the way of using the 3D printing technique with growing material. The basis of the chair is straw with a thin layer of bio plastic. It is ‘produced’ in a special clean greenhouse. The chair is a metaphor of what can be achieved with new materials and production methods. Funghi chair

mid-air 3D printing

The impossible seems to be possible. 3D printing objects as if gravity doesn’t exist. This anti-gravity 3D printer is called MATAERIAL and is the result of the collaborative research between the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) and Joris Laarman Studio from the Netherlands.

While 3D printing with edible materials is still in a much more experimental stage, this kind of videos inspire us to dream about mid-air printed threedimensional foods in the near future.

At TOP FoodLab we keep on experimenting on 3D food printing because we believe the impossible will be possible soon.

More about 3D food printing at TOP FoodLab: