Labjam – Fresh Baby Food

Why is it normal to give babies and toddlers overcooked gunk, while they should be experiencing new flavors and textures in order to develop good taste?

We asked ourselves this question and started developing tasty baby meals with fresh ingredients without overcooking it. We used the technology pascalisation to make the meals shelf stable and safe for this vunerable consumergroup. Take a look at the results!

Alain Passard

Drie-Michelin-sterrenchef Alain Passard presenteerde zondag de Nederlandse vertaling van zijn nieuwe boek in restaurant Vork & Mes in hoofddorp. Sinds 10 jaar geeft deze Parijse chef groenten de hoofdrol in zijn keuken. Groenten die hij zelf verbouwt in zijn tuinen in Normandië en Bretagne. Groenten zullen een belangrijkere rol spelen in de voeding van de toekomst en daarom wilden wij deze middag van inspiratie niet missen.


Alain Passard

mr. Dip

Mr. Dip is a line of fresh dips developed to dip with chips, veggies or to spread on for example a sandwich. There is a mr. Dip Guacamole, Hummus, Baba Ganoush and a Tomato and Pepper Salsa. All made out of fresh ingrediënts, without adding preservatives and other junk.

TOP Food Lab came with the idea for these products and developed the recipes for this delicious dips together with 2 Michelin Star Chef Moshik Roth.

Together with the New Product Development team of TOP b.v. these recipes are scaled up and we made it possible to produce these fresh dips on a industrial way, without compromising on the flavor.

This excellent flavor is also due to the pascalisation process, which makes it possible to keep a fresh-like product in the fridge for more than 21 days. In stead of heat to kill spoiling bacterias, we used high water pressure to get rid of them.

The dips are produced by our production partner Chez Pascal. The cool packaging design and proposition is developed by our partner The Food Agency. We say.. Well Done!


Romantics is a brand for smoothies, juices and cold soups (like gazpacho) sold at supermarkets in Spain.

TOP Food Lab developed the recipes of the cold soups in collaboration with Spanish chefs. After that TOP Food Lab assisted in the upscaling of the production to an industrial scale.

The soups of Romantics are produced in the factory of our partner Chez Pascal. In time this delicious products will also be available in Dutch supermarkets!