Edible lamp

The idea of eating a lamp seems as ridiculous as Charlie Chaplin as eating a shoe in The Gold Rush, but Vetterlein’s ‘ Bite Me’  is no joke. The glossy colorful lamp stretches out across any table top, gently and efficiently illuminating with an LED strip. Edible lamp

Skittle Sorting Machine

Ahh just what we needed!

According to Tech Hive, electrical engineer Brian Egenriether has come up with a Skittles Sorting Machine.

Within a relatively short (or ridiculously fast, depending on how you interpret such things) span of time, Brian’s machine is capable of separating, identifying, and maneuvering Skittles of various hues into one of five bowls.

Sure, this is probably not going to win Brian the Nobel Prize anytime soon, but it’s still an…interesting show of ingenuity.

If you’re wondering why the process takes as long as it does, Brian explained that it has everything to do with his “color discrimination circuit.”  It seems that the camera needs to take a certain amount of pictures before the the machine is capable of determining the actual color. Brian claims that the machine could probably go through a whole bag in 20 seconds, but that would also result in a lot of mistakes.

Now, here’s the important question: Do the red ones really taste better than the green ones?

Deep Fried Gadgets

What to do when you have no clue what to do with al the gadgets that you have collected over the years? DEEP FRY IT!

This is what photographer Henry Hargreaves must have thought before making the shoot called “Deep Fried Gadgets”

But what really happens when you deep fry the battery pack in these devices? We still don’t know because Henry confessed that the objects are actually models made from foam core and decorated with images of the actual devices.

But still some pretty cool and (in a weird way) tasty looking photo’s!

found on www.coolhunting.com


MRI Food Scans

Last week we posted about amazing food close-ups, made with an electron microscope.

Now watch food from a completely different angle: Through a MRI scanner.

Andy Ellison is an MRI technologist at Boston University Medical School. He is posting MRI scans on his blog Inside Insides. Ellison has a ton of food scans (in animated gif form) on his blog, with everything from the everyday tomato to the more exotic cherimoya. The images may not be particularly appetizing, but they are entrancing.

Click on the pictures in this post to see an animated GIF and see many more here.

found on www.huffingtonpost.com

just like meat but better

Our friends at the company Ojah achieved the unachievable. These scientists created a product that has the same texture and appearance as meat products like chicken, pork or even fish, but is actually made of nothing else that soy and water! If you have never tried this product (called Beeter in the Netherlands, or Plenti behind the borders), you most definitely should.

This video is already a year old but still brilliant! (listen to that voiceover!)

As you can see in the video, Ojah was nominated for the Food Valley Awards. But even better: This year they are named as most innovative company of the Netherlands!

3D printing of Food

Our collegues of TOP b.v. are making great progression with 3D printing of food.

We are not telling you everything jet, but take a look at this sneak preview..

psst.. this is not chocolate 😉