Crystal on a stick

For the Vienna Design Week, the design duo Bertille & Mathieu teamed up with the crystal manufacturer Lobmeyr, creating Lobmeyr Experimental Sweet Factory. To make the brand a little bit more accessible, they made lollipops, pointing out similarities between the process of candy making and crystal manufacturing (which are both done by melting and boiling powders). The design duo used Lobmeyrs products as tools for molding the shapes of the sweets, in order to make them look like crystal on a stick.

Prep Pad

The Prep Pad is a digital scale that not only weighs your ingredients, but also provides you with nutritional information about your meals via an iOS app, called Countertop. The app compares your meal with suggested protein, carb and fat levels and it also remembers your previous meals to determine whether you’re having balanced meals. Prep Pad


Have you ever eaten coffee? Or ice cream that doesn’t melt? Now you can. WikiFood serves food with an edible, all natural skin in their WikiBar in Paris. Their WikiPearls are not only good for you, but also good for our planet, since plastic wrappers are eliminated from the food and beverage that’s now packed with these pearls. WikiPearls

DIY Magnum

The Magnum Pleasure Store is like a second home for all the chocolate lovers out there. Since a few months now, you can design your very own magnum in one of the Pleasure Stores in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Milan, New York or Shanghai. In the store you can buy a ‘naked’ magnum, which you then coat with your favorite chocolate (classic, infinite DIY Magnum

FoodWeLove Box

Less than a year ago the FoodWeLove box was born, and ever since it has been amazingly populair! Intitiator Marleen Basart decided after working some years in Dutch food retail that she wanted to share inspiring stories about good food products and their producers. Marleen believes that storytelling makes good food taste even better, and we think she is right. She travels through the country searching for the most special and tasty products, and is inspired by the passionate stories of the producers. FoodWeLove Box

Peanut butter love

Imagine peanut butter in a whole new level. That is what Better off Spread’s product are all about. Made with the best ingredients, they add no oils, fats, preservatives or sugar. All of the spreads are handmade in Brooklyn, NY. Some of their flavors:

Peanut butter – Jalapeño, White chocolate & cinnamon peanut butter, Dark chocolate & Rosemary peanut butter with a dash of lemon granule and a pinch of seasalt…

If you are going tot NY, please take some for us!!