Crystal on a stick

For the Vienna Design Week, the design duo Bertille & Mathieu teamed up with the crystal manufacturer Lobmeyr, creating Lobmeyr Experimental Sweet Factory. To make the brand a little bit more accessible, they made lollipops, pointing out similarities between the process of candy making and crystal manufacturing (which are both done by melting and boiling powders). The design duo used Lobmeyrs products as tools for molding the shapes of the sweets, in order to make them look like crystal on a stick.

The fruit of imagination

French photographer Christel Jeanne proved anyone wrong, who ever said fruit and vegetables weren’t fun. With her photo series ‘les fruits de mon imagination’ (part 1 and part 2), she put new life into them and created cool looking animals.

DIY Magnum

The Magnum Pleasure Store is like a second home for all the chocolate lovers out there. Since a few months now, you can design your very own magnum in one of the Pleasure Stores in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Milan, New York or Shanghai. In the store you can buy a ‘naked’ magnum, which you then coat with your favorite chocolate (classic, infinite DIY Magnum

Poetry of Light

After turning the lamp on, the chocolae will slowy melts due to the heat penetration. In approx 15 minutes holes will develop and rays of light will come out of the lamp. This process of seeing and waiting will make you even more curious and wanting to eat the chocolat.

Poetry of Light