A Veggie Vendingmachine

Our biggest frustration is the boring selection of unhealthy food in vending machines you’ll find in public places. Candy bars bursting from sugar and fat, too salty potato chips, and dry flavorless cookies is not what you need when you are looking for a quick snack. And most of time your hunger is back in less than an hour. But now there is this Farmer’s Fridge in Chicago, and it’s a huge succes! Offering daily fresh made salads in attractive jars. A Veggie Vendingmachine

The Wonderbag

This very simple, but very innovative cooking bag should replace your slow cooker. You just have to boil your food for only 5 minutes and put your hot pot in the wonderbag. The bag has an insulated design and therefore keeps your food safely cooking up to 12 hours, without additional energy. The Wonderbag