Special soft serve and topping at Agua S

Did you ever try sea salt soft serve topped with sweet popcorn, fairy floss ánd a grilled marshmallow?
We don’t think so.

Sydney-based ice cream shop Agua S offers a sea salt soft serve as their permanent flavour. Owner, Jennifer Lam, visited Okinawa, a small Japanese island well known for its sea salt. She was amazed by the sea salt flavour but thought it wasn’t adventurous enough. The one she tried was plain in colour and that’s why she decided to make it blue.

You can eat the soft serve plain, but it gets really interesting when adding toppings. Popping candy, flame-toasted marshmallow, sweet popcorn and fairy floss are the toppings you can choose from.

The Agua S soft serves reflect current trends in food styling, show a surreal quality as well as texture play which we really like.


Agua S Agua S-1