Willy Wonka meets Heston Blumenthal in a burlesque bar

Live music, circus performance, culinary art and a nightclub setting are the elements of Fear and Delight, a feast for the senses.

Show creator and director Scott Maidment wanted to offer a multi-dimensional experience. Described as the show where Willy Wonka meets Heston Blumenthal in a burlesque bar, Fear and Delight, will deliver the world premiere of a mesmerizing and multi-sensory theatre and dining experience.

Food architects The Dutch Slingers will create sensory-based courses from entree to dessert and culinary scientists Bompas & Parr will show their flavour-based installations. There will be crazy things that are inspired by the terms ‘fear’ and ‘delight’.

We’ll be waiting patiently in Holland for some Fear and Delight!