Edible Growth

Grow your little 3D printed garden in about 5 days and enjoy the delicious, fresh and nutrient-rich edible.

Edible growth is an example of a future food product that forms a bridge between new technologies and authentic practices of growing and breeding food. Multiple layers containing seeds, spores and yeast are printed by a 3D printer. In five days the plants and fungi mature will grow into a unique, little bite. The combination of structure, scent and taste will make it to your own eatable artwork. Depending in how intense you like the taste, you can choose how many days you let it grow before you eat it.
It’s a very sustainable way of cooking and eating: you only print the things you need so there’s less food waste. Less land is needed, fewer trucks are needed to carry everything around and your food is guaranteed fresh. The food of the future?

Edible Growth 3
Edible Growth 4Edible Growth 5