Discover your perfect whisky-flavours match

A new campaign by King James for Johnnie Walker introduces an interactive online whisky profiler guiding users, with the help of Executive Chef David Higgs, to discover their taste profile.

Users are guided through various steps where they are asked to choose a mood, environment, flavours, aromas and servings to suit their taste, helped along by appealing visuals. These elements have been based on a deconstruction of the Johnnie Walker flavours translated into molecular gastronomy by David Higgs. (SA’s Top Chef of 2013).

The results reveal a personalised Johnnie Walker flavour match and suggestions for food pairings. Also, the user receive a once-off special offer on his whisky match bottle.

So, what is your mood today, are you «ready for party» or dealing with «the longest day ever»? Are you craving for a piece of orange-zest-chocolate or for a short and dark coffee? Try the flavour profiler yourself here and discover which Johnie Walker whisky is your perfect match of the day !