Wild goose pâté from Firma Bijten on TEDxBinnenhof

Firma Bijten. once started as a ‘pâté studio’ by two young entrepreneurs from Rotterdam, now fully grown into a butcher’s shop. It all started with a mission….

The idea was to bring back the original pâté onto the market. They manage to do so, by way of using old and artisanal production methods, and their choice of ingredients. The ingredients that are used in producing the meat products are regional, organic and fresh from the season. For instance, the pâté is made from coarsely ground organic meat, fresh ingredients and without unnecessary additives.

The, so-called ‘Wild Goose Pâté’, is made with wild goose from Hollands Wild, shot in Hoeksche Waard and Alblasserwaard, due to their nuisance. At TEDxBinnenhof it was served on a toast of MeerBrood made with algaes.

Check out their website http://www.firmabijten.nl and on twitter @FirmaBijten

wild pate Firma Bijten