Snack peas from World Peas on TEDxBinnenhof

Beans and peas are extremely good for you. And none more so than edamame (or mukimame when shelled) because of their high protein and fiber. World Peas just adds flavour and happiness. Everybody will love this new (but old) vegetable on the block. Kids like them because they look like a green M&M and have a slight sweetness. Parents will love them for their nutritional values.

A perfect healthy snack along a glass of wine or beer. We serve them at TEDxBinnenhof as a snack with star anise and lime leaf. But it is also good in a salad with soba (Japanese buckwheat noodle) and soy sauce. Or as the Dutch do: mashed as a potato.

world peas

Check out their website and follow them on twitter @world_peas