Piccalilly from imperfect vegetables on TEDxBinnenhof

Picnic in the park are professional piccalilly makers! Spicy chutney shakers! Passionate preserve makers. Dreamers & do-ers who, over the course of three years, have managed to establish a small preserve company called Picnic in the Park in the heart of The Hague.

The essence of the preserving company is the artisanal production of a unique range of spicy and tangy preserves made from regionally grown vegetables that are not sufficiently perfect for the

The piccalilly is made from imperfect, non-supermarketable veggies from regional growers. At TEDxBinnenhof this piccalilly was served with Dutch lupine-fed pork. The piccalilly is also very tasty in combination with kale, marrowfats (Dutch kapucijners) and French fries.

www.picnicinthepark.biz and twitter @PnintheP