Dutch pork fed with lupine on TEDxBinnenhof

The farmer’s family Ten Have Mellema is working on a breakthrough in mixed farming: integrated sustainable agriculture. People, animals and the environment are the cornerstones of the farm. They make smart use of technology to improve the welfare of the pigs and to reduce emissions. The pigs and sows live both indoors and outdoors. Local what can be local is very important.

On the farm they cultivate wheat, corn and lupine as feed for the pigs. The fermented manure of the pigs goes back to the field to nurture the plants. Potato peels from a nearby potato processor and whey from a local cheese factory also come back to the farm as feed for the pigs. This is the new modern life cycle of nutrients. Interested to join them and help with their mission? Contact them via Facebook.

Dutch Pork fed with lupine: The delicious taste of pork from the past is back. At TEDxBinnenhof pork neck was served with a piccalilly from imperfect vegetables.

Check out their Facebook page and let them know what you think about their Lupinevarken