Artisanal beers from The Hagues best city brewery @ TEDxBinnenhof

KOMPAAN beers are brewed by two companions from The Hague: Jasper and Jeroen. Their brewery and tasting room is based in The Hague in an old factory. The Beers of KOMPAAN provide a wide range of taste. Each beer is brewed with a variety of malts and hops. KOMPAAN has 5 year round beers from a type chech pilsener (extra hopped) to an Imperial Stout with ruby port as additive. For the more complex beers KOMPAAN uses different barrels for aging their beers. If you like you can visit the brewery and have an wide range of beer tasting.

KOMPAAN 070 is a very tasty hoppy premium pilsener. This bottom-fermeted beer is brewed with two different types of malt and two types of hops. A refreshing pilsener with a pleasantly bitter after-taste. and twitter: @KompaanBier