MiniTrees on TEDxBinnenhof!

No boring arrangements on TEDxBinnenhof. The different halls will be cheered up with miniature apple trees! And even better: The guests will be able to taste the pink coloured juice of these really small apples!


What can be more fun than your own fruit tree in your garden or on your balcony! It is possible: The MiniTrees are eminently suitable for both growing in a large pot and in the open soil. The fruit tree is an original, symbolic and trendy gift that, moreover, contributes to a greener world.

The MiniTree is a whole new product. As the name “MiniTree” implies, it is an apple tree that will not grow large (no more than 2 meters tall and 50 cm wide) and also stands for: * Fruit * Quality * No pruning * No spraying against fungus.

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