Handmade cookies by Van Strien Bakery on TEDxBinnenhof!

Dutch people always like a cookie with their coffee or tea. We allready have good coffee and tea, so on TEDxBinnenhof we will have very tasty handmade cookies with it, from Van Strien Bakery. They provide us with delicious savory biscuits as well!


Baking has been in van Strien’s family for at least six generations. In 1938, grandfather van Strien, started the family business in the province of Zeeland. The company is now in the hands of his grandson; his goal is to continue making the tastiest biscuits possible. How? With craftsmanship, the best ingredients, and love for the product. And of course the stubborn refusal to make any concessions when the old-fashioned, handmade way is better. This is why they say ‘handmade by van Strien’.

Find out more on www.van-strien.nl