Algae enriched bread Meerbrood™ on TEDxBinnenhof!

Bread made from Spelt grain and algae! Both healthy and tasty, and it will be served as toast with Dutch goose pate on TEDxBinnenhof!


“Pure bread made from Spelt with algae”

MeerBrood™ is world’s purest bread made form Spelt grain and algae flour. This special blend of all natural ingredients gives MeerBrood™ its unique taste as well as the daily essential nutrients everyone needs. It contains 30% less salt, but is full of flavour MeerBrood™ is rich in protein and fiber resulting in better muscle growth and faster saturation. And it is free of E-numbers and lactose.

MeerBrood™ contains essential nutrients i.e. vitamins, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids.

The combination of the very best grains and algae provide a new taste sensation.

Toast Of MeerBrood™

At TEDxBinnenhof toast of MeerBrood™ is served with Dutch goose pate. The umami flavour of the algae match perfectly with the rich taste of the goose.

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