MELT Icepops on TEDxBinnenhof!

This is something you have never seen before! MELT icepops produces icy treats in every kind of shape you can imagine. We asked them to make a popsicle in the shape of the TEDx logo. How they do it? They use a 3D printer to produce posicle molds! We can’t wait to try these!


3D printing can perfectly be used to produce food and there are a lot of companies working on 3D printing techniques to make it easier to prepare a perfect meal. A new company working on building a 3D food printer is MELT icepops from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This company is creating 3D printer that prints out specially designed on-site ice creams.

The printer the company is working on is called the Icepop Generator and the idea behind this device is that it can be used at festivals and events. Visitors will be able to create their own ice pop design, after which the Icepop Generator prints out their designs. This means the machine could easily create an ice cream of your own head using a 3D scanner, or print out a drawing you’ve just made.

However, 3D printing an ice cream is not as easy as it might seem, and that’s why the company’s Icepop Generator is in fact a CNC-machine that will drill a sculpture in a block of ice. The machine will be built in a glass freezer in order to make it possible for everyone to see how the ice cream is made.

MELT Icepops has succeeded in collecting enough money to make it possible to produce this machine. At Dutch funding platform Voordekunst (“for the art”) they’ve funded as much as 2745 euros, which was donated by 61 people. This means this project can definitely see the light now. Do you live somewhere near The Netherlands and are you a frequent visitor of festivals? Then you have some great ice cream dreams to look forward to!

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