KRNWTR on TEDxBinnenhof!

We will not serve bottled water on TEDxBinnenhof! Why transporting bottled water all over the world, when we have the safest and tastiest water comming from our taps? No, we found something better. KRNWTR is a initiative making tap water sexy again with good looking branded carafes.

KRNWTR is a Social Enterprise that encourages individuals, restaurant owners and corporations to choose for tap water as a sustainable alternative for bottled water. Dutch for tap water is kraanwater. By removing the vowels and creating a logo for it, KRNWTR became a brand that changes the perception consumers have of the product. Currently, tap water is still considered to be cheap, but by using a simple and catchy logo, people appreciate it as a healthy, local, cost efficient and environment friendly product of choice. By refilling your sustainable KRNWTR bottle or putting a stylish KRNWTR carafe on the table, enhances discussions about small everyday things we can do about the waste we create and what each individual can do to reduce his carbon footprint. Many companies have already chosen for KRNWTR as a partner.

karaffen logo