Tree juice?

In the Netherlands coconut juice is still kind of new, but at the other side of the Atlantic they are already looking for new all natural water-like beverages which are low in calories. Now a hit in Canada and supposed to conquer the US soon, is maple water. You know.. maple as in a tree? The same tree which is the symbol of Canada and gives this delicious golden syrup? Right, that one. The sap tapped out of the tree, of which they normally make the syrup is now sold as a healthy water-equivalent! We are of course, very curious what this would taste like!

This invention did not just fall from the sky. The First Nations people of Canada already used maple sap as a sort of tonic. And also in other parts of the world there are old traditions of tapping the sap out of different trees, which they used for refreshment and for many other purposes.

We once had the opportunity to taste birch sap from culinary adventurer Baaf Vonk. The sap on its own is not exciting in any way, but as a refreshing drink, yes maybe.. Baaf decided to make alcoholic beverages of this birch sap, and that was definitely exciting!

Will bottled tree sap become a new beverage market in Europe in the coming years? Just to be sure we will be doing experiments with it soon. Keep you posted!