It’s candy! Or not..?

Yes, it’s true what you see! This is No Candy. Because it is just fruit. I saw this passing by on twitter and fell directly for the name that maked me curious and the style of the packaging. The friendly inventor of this brand new brand offered me to send me some samples and more information. A very good reason for us to review product.

So what’s new, because it is just dried fruit? The back of the packaging explains no sugars, no additives, no oils, no toxins, no chemicals and no politics. There is even no energy wasted, this I find particularly interesting. However if I look it up on their Facebook and flyer, there’s nothing that explains why. It’s dried fruit, so there should be some energy involved in this process, but why is it not wasted?

No Candy comes in different varieties: apple, pineapple, strawberry and the more exotic and distinguishing watermelon and kaki fruit. The fruit is a little soft and chewy, you should not confuse it with fruit chips. Chewing on it, it is like soft candy (winegums), so I do agree with the name. Because there’s no sugar added it brings up the natural flavor and sweetness, and that is very tasty! I find the ‘no sugars’ on the packaging a bit confusing, of course there are sugars in it, it’s fruit! There’s just no extra sugar added.

All in all I could see myself buying this at the train or petrol station as a healthy alternative for all the fatty and high calories you normally buy there. So my question to the founders is when and where?

No Candy is developed bij Enbiun