Tasty Gluten Free Bread

The glutenfree section in our stores is expanding. That makes sense, because of the growing group of gluten intolerant people all over the world. But as far as we can see, this section is full with prepacked, processed and untasty alternatives for the real deal, with the most horrific of them all, glutenfree bread.

But maybe this will all change soon, with Rightbread taking over the world. Rightbread is gluten free, vegan and seems to be pretty tasty (we haven’t tried it, yet). Besides, Rightbread is low in carbs and high in proteins and fibers. Rightbread is made of chiaseeds, soy flour, ground almonds and some other healthy ingredients.

Rightbread is not yet available on the market. On this moment the inventors of Rightbread are trying to get funding to realise their first production batch. On Kickstarter you can back their goal, and by that, get a little closer to tasty glutenfree bread, or at least when you live in Canada near Toronto or Halifax.

Check out the website of Rightbread to find more information.


Promo Pic #1 Sample Nutrition Label