FoodWeLove Box

Less than a year ago the FoodWeLove box was born, and ever since it has been amazingly populair! Intitiator Marleen Basart decided after working some years in Dutch food retail that she wanted to share inspiring stories about good food products and their producers. Marleen believes that storytelling makes good food taste even better, and we think she is right. She travels through the country searching for the most special and tasty products, and is inspired by the passionate stories of the producers.

The products and the stories are then collected and put in a box, which is the FoodWeLove Box. Every month there is a new box filled with special and good food products that come with inspiring stories. You can suscribe to get a FoodWeLove box on your doorstep every month, but it is also possible to order just one, to try or as a present for someone who loves food. The increasing popularity of the FoodWeLove box makes it necessary to order on time.

Check the website here to get more information or to order one of those tasty boxes.