During the Dutch Technology Week the first FoodHack event took place, and TOP FoodLab was present.


Curious about what to expect I entered the old textile factory “Schellen”, old places like these are always impressive and sets the good kind of mood. Dividing the visitors in 2 groups with yellow and red/orange buttons the experience was also divided in two…


Wearing the yellow button I was offered a nano-wine and some clear blue artificial grown meat. The wine which I already tasted before at the iSalone tasted like a merlot. This is a concept of the Nano-supermarket, affiliated with the University of Eindhoven, and exists of a wine with nano-particals. The opening of these particles (with a casting flavour) can be controlled by the time you will put in will the wine in the microwave. As later in the evening Koert van Mensvoort would explain, this concept is scientifically supported, but the production of one bottle would be more expensive than the most expensive bottle you could buy. The same for my bright blue meatball, which also is used as a tool for opening the dialog and discussion about “cultivated meat”.

Besides the different art projects the main room looked awesome with the dinner style tables and barstools. During the event we got a soup, main course and dessert.


Across the table a guest with a different color button took place, and would get a different serving in order to encourage the discussion. At first my table-mate got a delicious broth prepared by chef Dick Middelweerd, food designer Annelies hermsen got me a bottle hot water and two capsule pills which dissolved and made also a broth but the taste was a bit weak (maybe our vegetable pills would have come handy 😉 ). The main course was a ready-meal prepaired with seasonal vegetables, for me a stew with braised (winter)c and the others a ratatouille (summer). Finishing with an ice and chocolate made by patissier Robert van Beckhoven, and my dessert was a new concept by Nizo who developed an fat-free cream ice by protein modification topped with a 3d printed cholate.



Koert van Mensvoort talked about the Nano-supermarkt and how they try to initiate discussion. He noticed about how people speak about, “the food grandmother doesn’t recognize is bad food…” but he wonders why not grand-grandmother or even cavemen…  Because this would change the perceptions even more, because nothing is recognizable anymore… Supermarkets operate as a reality machine; new products are new for only a short period of time and then will blend into our system. One of the products which rises discussion is the pharmaceutical sushi, in order to easy the intake of pills. People are wondering, do we want this and become more distant of our medicines. New technology brings new products in fact we can make everything, but it’s on us to fit it in our culture and not to cross borders…!

So a meal to experience and discuss!

Bob Hutten, also thinks about the future but more on the field of distribution and preparation. If in 2020 everyone likes to use a personal diet, how will the food infrastucrture and preparation be organized? Do we need to explore more different areas of food raw materials, like insects or more seasonal and local? In short Bob stated “nutritive value always goes above economic value” and like Koert, it’s in the culture and do we need to change it?

Finishing with a TNO talk about the 3d food printer and a live chocolate print demo. Which was nothing new but we are spoiled by using these toys in the office 😉

Overall it’s about EVALUATING CULTURE