Zing anything!

Normally we are not that impressed by new food tools that look like this, but in the zinger series of ZingAnything we see potential.

Basically there are 4 different types of tools for ‘zinging’. One for giving zing to water, one for oil, one for vodka and one for citrus. They make you able to flavor your water, vodka or oil with fruits, herbs, spices, vegetables or any other thing that has a flavor you want to add.

The design looks good, the website professional, the promotional videos impressing, but we didn’t find any photo or video where the flavored water is showed..

There is something else we think is not right about this product. The grinded fruit after infusing is supposed to be trown away. (at least, this is what the instruction videos tell us)

For now only available in the US, but maybe soon also in the Netherlands.