Cook! pot

Cook is a UK-based company producing frozen, convenience foods free from additives and preservatives, made with a handmade, home-cooked philosophy with each product bearing the name of the chef who prepared it.

The agency behind the packaging of Cook’s gourmet line, developed the design solution for their more recent One Pot range – a ‘flavour-packed meal for one’ inspired by Indian, Mediterranean, Moroccan, Mexican, Caribbean and Oriental cuisine. Employing a rich, illustrative, oven pot approach to convey the hand-produced and high quality nature of brand and product.

A bright and earthy colour palette mixes a cooking creativity with the beneficial qualities of the ingredients. Each appears wholesome rather than synthetic, elevated by plenty of texture through the strokes of the pencil and the use of a number of different shades. Comfortably dividing pot varieties alongside subtle details that convey – perhaps a little stereotypically but largely communicatively – the international inspiration for each recipe.

The combination of ‘raised’ radial detail and sans serif typography set across the surface of a number of brightly coloured pots subtly appropriates the high quality, premium sensibilities established by the enamel coated ironware brand le Creuset, adding a little more dimensionality to the heartier, wholesome and a personal warmth of its illustrative execution.