Bottoms up draft beer dispending system

Bottoms up draft beer dispending system… The name itself does tickle the imagination somewhat – imagine a revolutionary system that fills up cups of beer in a different way, in a manner that the device’s name suggests – from the bottom to the top. This is definitely thinking out of the box. For those who prefer to stick to the adage, “waste not, want not” would find the Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispensing System to be rather useful, where it is said to fill up a cup of beer faster and more efficiently when compared to the standard tap. It will not be able to work with any other cups, as proprietary cups are required. These proprietary cups will feature a magnet-ring seal along a hole in the bottom, where the machine will push the cup down onto the special designed dispensing tap,that can hold up to 4 beers simultaneously.

The magnet will be lifted while the cup is filled, all in a hands-free manner. The moment the cup reaches capacity after taking in readings from the automatic valves which will switch off based on a volume input, the cup will then be lifted away from the machine, with the magnet pulled back in place to help seal the bottom of the cup. The system has also been miniaturized in an armchair to bring the magic of fast and ever-flowing beer into lazy homes.

We think that folks who love to drink their beer with a decent amount of foam would have objections to the beer system. But it is quite a good idea: now there’s a way to refill your beer without ever leaving the comfort of your favorite armchair.