into space…microwave

Microwave ovens make are a common sight in modern kitchens. But apart from a very few deviations, most upcoming ovens have been toeing the old established lines of limited functionality and box-shaped form.

European appliance maker Brandt has somewhat broken the traditionalist standards with its new model, the Spoutnik. The new prototype flaunts a refreshingly vibrant colorful form on a never-before-seen spherical body.

Fagor Spoutnik is a new microwave with a revolutionary transparent domed design, named after the first ever satellite, called simply Sputnik, which was launched into Earth’s orbit by the Soviets in October 1957. Sold also under Brandt brand, Spoutnik is designed in homage to the 20th Century space-age, yet features 21st Century technologies. Fashionably on-trend with its up-to-the minute aesthetic, the microwave has soft touch controls with a digital display, a smart illuminated turntable and is very simple to use.

Spoutnik comes in a galaxy of bright colours – Blue Odyssey, Green Flash and Ultra Violet. The 0.70 kW microwave is truly versatile for its size. Its unique spherical shape and spacious interior can accommodate a range of dishes from fresh vegetables and rice to a small roast chicken. Furthermore, unlike the traditional microwave, you always have a 360° view of what’s cooking inside.

The translucent top opening lid has a smooth opening system so the internal cooking area is completely accessible, making Spoutnik much easier to clean than the standard rectangular microwave box. The 28cm turntable also incorporates grid lines to aid the positioning of your dish and it illuminates when cooking begins – changing from red, while the dish is cooking, to blue when the dish is ready. The microwave also emits an audible sound when cooking has finished.