Edible lamp

The idea of eating a lamp seems as ridiculous as Charlie Chaplin as eating a shoe in The Gold Rush, but Vetterlein’s ‘ Bite Me’  is no joke. The glossy colorful lamp stretches out across any table top, gently and efficiently illuminating with an LED strip.

Attached to an adhesive strip, the electric components and LED weld are simply pulled away before making the lamp into dinner. The translucent biodegradable plastic comes in four fruity colors, including orange, cherry, blueberry and green apple. Once the electrical attachments are removed, the colorful plastic body can be prepped for chowing down.

The enticing recipe is simple; just soak the cleaned lamp in water for about an hour, and once softened, users can tear into the gummy lamp, for dinner or dessert. Bite Me is not just edible, but good for you too. Agar, the gelatin that is derived from boiled algae, is high in Vitamins E and K, as well as zinc, copper pantothenic acid, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium.

For those who don’t find gummy lamps appetizing, the stripped lamp can also be placed in compost or the trash, and wil biodegrade just as perishable foods do.

Bron: www.mocoloco.com