Tutti frutti glass sculptures

If you’ve been looking for a new way to present fruit that’s a world away from the traditional fruit bowl then look no further because these innovative and fairly futuristic designs from ‘Fabrica’ are just what you need.

The “Tutti Frutti Glass Sculptures” series consists of a range of very different fruit holders to display and support fruit, as an essential symbol of the vitality, colour of open sunshine of Miami. Each design is crafted from glass with each one offering a design that’s anything but ordinary: the pieces are proposed as original ways of showcasing and serving fruit – as subjects in balancing structures or suspended from the sky. The clean transparency of the glass, complemented by the natural charm of fresh fruits is an intriguing combination —presented as 3 dimensional images and imaginative still life compositions, delicate and lively, ripe with colour and fragility. Certainly more of a show piece than a functional fruit holder.

Designed by: Fabrica Design Team Photos by: Marco Zannin/Fabrica

Bron: www.Finedininglovers.com and www.mocoloco.com