Glassware with a twist

Johanna Kleinert, just graduated from Stuttgart State Academy of Arts in America. She hopes to reveal the relevance of old food preservation techniques, that nowadays are gaining interest again.

The young designer drew inspiration from traditional Weck Jars an iconic food preservation vessel that is itself a cousin to the popular Ball mason jar here in the States. Thus, Kleinert has updated the drinking glass-like form factor with a new sealing mechanism, “based on an O-ring, which has several advantages compared to the conventional flat gasket.” This makes it both easier to open vacuum-sealed jars and allows for dry storage, sans vacuum. The handsome vessels can be labeled time and again for ease of reuse: The upper part of the lid is not glazed, so that it can be labeled directly with a water-soluble pen.

The aim of the jars is to encourage people to get involved in the food production chain and reclaim selfresponsibility. That is why Kleinert give the analog objects a 21st century twist: Part two of this project is a concept for an iPad- App about food canning. Based on a calendar of regional and seasonal produce, the App explains in a simple way the processes of canning food in a steam oven. By scanning a QR-code on the seal of the jar, the user can store information about the content. What recipe is in there? When did I can it and by when should I eat it? And how many of it are left in my cellar?

By scanning the code, all information is available to any user of the App. Like this, the App encourages sharing and swapping of the delicate home made food.