Horrific Butter

Heath supplements company Bioenergy Nutrition wanted to promote the benefits of levels of cholesterol and triglyceri to its Italian customers. But rather than opting for clichéd images of happy, smiling families and natural landscapes, they decided to turn to the dark side.

Milanese advertising agency Alch1m1a ADV created this macabre series of print ads casting butter as the baddie in an instantly recognisable way – sculpting three well known horror icons out of the fatty sandwich spread.

Jason from Friday the 13th, Jigsaw from Saw and Ghostface from Scream are all immortalised in butter, with the slogan “Lower your cholesterol. Love your body”.

The campaign was led by creative director Raul Riccardo Pisani, with photography by Ludovico Fossà.

[via creativebloq.com]