Skittle Sorting Machine

Ahh just what we needed!

According to Tech Hive, electrical engineer Brian Egenriether has come up with a Skittles Sorting Machine.

Within a relatively short (or ridiculously fast, depending on how you interpret such things) span of time, Brian’s machine is capable of separating, identifying, and maneuvering Skittles of various hues into one of five bowls.

Sure, this is probably not going to win Brian the Nobel Prize anytime soon, but it’s still an…interesting show of ingenuity.

If you’re wondering why the process takes as long as it does, Brian explained that it has everything to do with his “color discrimination circuit.”  It seems that the camera needs to take a certain amount of pictures before the the machine is capable of determining the actual color. Brian claims that the machine could probably go through a whole bag in 20 seconds, but that would also result in a lot of mistakes.

Now, here’s the important question: Do the red ones really taste better than the green ones?