Starbucks Verismo

Yet another coffee maker machine. And not from just anyone, but from Starbucks!

So after the hostile take over of the out-of-home coffee market, they decided to have a taste of the in-home market share.

Starbucks promisses the same quality coffee (including lattes and espressos) from this machine, as the coffee we can get at the Starbucks shops. We are a little worried about this.

Starbucks is not populair for its high quality coffee, but for their image and the fancy creams, syrups and other sweetness. People drink starbucks coffee because they actually don’t like coffee at all (and try to mask the flavor with creams and syrups), and/or they just like to be seen with a Starbucks cup in their hands.

So what good is a machine at home which is giving us the same crappy coffee as at the Starbucks shops, if we don’t have these fancy toppings or cool cups? And why walk around with this cup at home where nobody can see you?

For now this machine is only available in the US, and we hope it stays that way.

BUT, we must say, they device looks pretty sweet!