Cocaine Liqueur

When you think you’ve had it all: Next month a Liqueur made of Bolivian coca leaves is launched.

This extraordinairy spirit has an alcohol percentage of 55% and is made of 100% coca leaves, picked 2000 meters above sealevel in the Andes in Bolivia.

The active component inherent to cociane is removed by a so called maceration and decocanisation proces, so it won’t make you an drug addict.

Fun fact is that this product is produced in Amsterdam.

The launch of this drink is timed with the end of the Mayan calendar, which happened to be on the 21th of december 2012. There are Apacolypse-themed parties sceduled in big cities all over the world including Las Vegas, London, Seoul, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Auckland, Sydney and also Amsterdam.

Although liqueur may be new territory for coca leaves, it’s been used in beverages for centuries. Many indigenous Andean peoples use the leaves to make a tea for medicinal purposes, often offering it to tourists to alleviate altitude sickness. It’s said to have a mild, slightly bitter flavor similar to green tea. In the first recipe of the Coca-Cola an extract of the coca leaves was also used.

ps. If you ask yourself why the image is of bad quality, its because there are no good quality pictures on the web yet.

pps. We checked the website of the distributor Babco Europe and they are also responsible for a similar drink called Agwa de Bolivia, which is also made with coca leaves, has been sold for a few years now in more than 25 countries all over the world. So not very new, but still a very smart marketing campaign!