Jennifer Rubell – part 2

Jennifer Rubell creates participatory artwork that is a hybrid of performance art, installation, and happenings. She makes pieces which are often of a staggering scale and sensually arresting, frequently employing food and drink as media.

Violating the traditional boundaries of art institutions and engaging senses usually forbidden in or absent from museum and gallery contexts, the observers are encouraged to participate in the work.

Incubation – 2011

Exploring the creative act and simultaneously addressing the creation of food, the creation of life, and the creation of art. Two essential halves of the creative act are incorporated in the installation. An incubation chamber in which yogurt is made by two uniformed nurses is the first. This chamber was designed to resemble a hospital nursery.  The second is a pair of pedestals — one mounted on the ceiling, the other on the floor — with a single line of honey dripping from the top pedestal to the bottom one, occasionally into a hole and more frequently onto the pedestal itself.   Nurses pass one jar of yogurt at a time through a slot in the incubation chamber. Viewers take a jar, open it, then reach up to the honey to receive it. The work generally explores a rarely depicted side of the creative act, the process of waiting, receiving, passivity.

Photos by Kevin Tachman
Link: Jennifer Rubell