Senseo Sarista

Eleven years ago the Dutch coffee brand Douwe Egberts introduced the Senseo coffee maker, which was developed by Philips. This innovation was a big succes. Almost every household had a Senseo coffeemaker, because it made it possible to brew a single cup of coffee, which was not possible with filter coffee untill then. Nowadays the Senseo is still used, especially by students, but is not that populair anymore. Nespresso is the premium brand these days, and has a ultrastrong marketing strategy.

But Douwe Egberts and Philips strike back after eleven  years with the Senseo Sarista. This coffeemaker makes coffee of fresh beans, and can be used for both single cups as a big coffee pot. By switching the bean funnel (a cannister with beans, you can install on the device) you can adjust the bean type. DE chose abstract names for these different coffee variants like Mellow Flow, Bright Zing, Rich Reveal, Free from Caffeine, Pure Explosion en Bold Burst.

This new coffee maker will be launched in October 2012. We are not sure if this innovation is spot on what Dutch coffee consumers demand. This consumer has a lot of choices in how to make his or her coffee, and the out-of-home coffee market in the Netherlands (which is relatively small in comparison with other countries) is steadily gaining ground.

After yet another consumer innovation in the coffee market we wish other food caterories where a little bit more innovative and bold in product introduction.