In the outskirts of Rhoon, the Netherlands the Buijtenkitchen was launched, five projects which investigate the coming years the relationship between landscape and recreation, one of the the Buijtenkeueken.

The Buijtenkitchen is a mobile kitchen (to be transported on a trailor wagon) in which a wood-burning oven has the central place. The kitchen will be used for dinners and workshops on location. In addition, it will act as a kitchen where experiments can be done with cooking on wood. Cooks (local, regional and national) are challenged and can use the Buijtenkitchen to gain knowledge and other ways of preparing and preserving. The ingredients in the immediate area can be processed in the kitchen. Pepijn Schmeink of restaurant Eendracht (in R’dam) is the first cook involved in the project. The oven is in agreement with him and stove builder Gerbrand Dros developed.

via: archdaily