Coca-Cola Beatbox

At the London olympic park Coca-Cola unveiled a building which, is an experimental fusion of architecture, sport, music and technology that creates a stunning multi-sensory experience.

Designed by Pernilla Ohrstedt and Asif Khan this building contains more than 200 plastic air cushions that contain different sounds, each the size of a billboard. Integrated within the 200 cushions is groundbreaking audio, lighting and responsive sensor technology, which has been used by the architects to upload the rhythmical sport sounds into the structure of the Coca-Cola Beatbox. Recordings, which include athletes’ heartbeats, shoes squeaking, and arrows hitting a target will be triggered and remixed by the gestures and movements of an estimated 200,000 visitors during Games time as they make the 200m journey to the pavilion’s rooftop.

Visitors will enjoy spectacular views of the Olympic Park from the top of the Coca-Cola Beatbox. The ramp then plunges down into the heart of the pavilion which will feature an interactive light installation.

via: Dezeen Photography is by Hufton + Crow