Mr Dip – e-number free

Mr. Dip is a line of fresh dips developed to dip with chips, veggies or to spread on for example a sandwich. There is a mr. Dip Guacamole, Hummus, Baba Ganoush and a Tomato and Pepper Salsa. All made out of fresh ingrediënts, without adding preservatives and other junk. TOP Food Lab came with the idea for these products and developed the recipes for this delicious dips together with 2 Michelin Star Chef Moshik Roth. Together with the New Product Development team these recipes are scaled up and we made it possible to produce these fresh dips on a industrial way, without compromising on the flavor.

Juice Bombs from TOP

Juice bombs are small shots that gives you a funky sensation. They are made from fruits and other plants, without any artificial stuff and without alcohol. Together with Food Designer Luite Snijder we developed this product. First we developed the recipes to find those sensational kicks without using artificials. Later we made the good looking design of the packaging and wemade a cool website. Check it out!

All Natural Sport Drinks

In a earlier post we made an announcement for a LabJam about Sport Nutrition. Here we said: Sporting in this heath is a real challenge for the body. Sports drinks are refreshing help to regenerate the body before, during and after. But why are all the sports drinks full of glucose and fructose and chemical flavors, colors and  functional ingredients? We are sure that natural ingredients can give the same effect. And so we did. We have made two types of sport drinks; one for energy recovery, and one for rehydration.

Flavored Fork

You can get your youth dream come true: with this Aromafork even the veggies you don’t like will taste like candy.

By adding your own flavor to the fork, you can get the flavor you want in your food. Normally you eat with your mouth only, but when you for example smell the scent of bubble gum, your broccoli will taste sugar sweet.

With the Aroma R-Evolution set you can choose between 21 aromas that will trick your mind and forever change the way you perceive flavors!

Kimchiwawa – dried kimchi

Kimchi is a traditional Korean side dish popular in Asia but winning ground all over the world. It’s made of cabbage, radish, carrots and spices and has a  real deep and funky but addicting flavor! We’re loving it! We are developing a flavorful seasoning made from this Korean way to ferment vegetables and spices, and dried the product. We just tasted some popcorn and vegetable chips spiced up with this Kimchi seasoning and the taste is amazing!

Fresh Fruit Snack

To increase fruit consumption among kids, we decided to do a labjam about a fresh fruit snack, at which joy and convenience are central. There already are a lot of snacks and desserts which contain fruit, but in the most cases the fruit was heated and often only a flavoring is used. Our fruit snack has to offer a good and healthy alternative for cookies and candy.Technological, the product is feasible. However, points of attention are the appearance and structure of the product. The product should not be positioned as snack, but as a Red Bull like thing. Kids are not only buying it because of its taste, but being seen with it plays a way bigger role.